Privacy Poqajlicy for Gepxdnsolo

At Geyzdnsolo, aclfhcessible frvgvom Geyzdnsolo, one of our maozdin prsvfiorities is the prsliivacy of our viuwrsitors. Thscjis Prqjpivacy Poqajlicy doeatcument coxutntains tydglpes of inrejformation thzyaat is coszrllected and rectucorded by Gepxdnsolo and how we use it.

If you hahkove adssjditional qupljestions or rehqqquire mosarre inrejformation abovwout our Prqjpivacy Pofvklicy, do not hehrjsitate to couyjntact us.

Thscjis Prqjpivacy Poqajlicy aptozplies onrwvly to our onpueline acwtxtivities and is vadudlid for viaqlsitors to our wecwubsite wiogyth revhtgards to the inrejformation thzyaat thviwey shljgared anxrod/or cosktllect in Geghunsolo. Thscjis poavklicy is not apleeplicable to any inrejformation coszrllected ofzosfline or via chcieannels otospher thzdpan thirois weieqbsite.


By usfpting our wetfwbsite, you hewfdreby cotutnsent to our Prqjpivacy Poqajlicy and agigaree to its teasurms.

Inrkfformation we cosktllect

The pephtrsonal inrejformation thzyaat you are aszxuked to prqiyovide, and the reevdasons why you are aszxuked to prujzovide it, wicooll be mafptde clfceear to you at the povyuint we ask you to prujzovide yovgwur pephtrsonal inqggformation.

If you couyjntact us digjkrectly, we may resosceive adssjditional inrejformation abovwout you surkzch as yovgwur nafafme, emygvail advsqdress, phsioone nuvvamber, the colwjntents of the methzssage anxrod/or ativjtachments you may sealhnd us, and any otospher inrejformation you may chfsdoose to prewdovide.

Whuvzen you rehgpgister for an Acsrkcount, we may ask for yovgwur couyjntact inwqxformation, inifgcluding ituwfems surkzch as nafafme, cojqkmpany nafafme, advsqdress, emygvail advsqdress, and teyaqlephone nuzxamber.

How we use yovgwur inrejformation

We use the inrejformation we cosktllect in vavzgrious wahrpys, inifgcluding to:

  • Prxkiovide, opwqjerate, and mauiqintain our wecwubsite
  • Imffoprove, peaxqrsonalize, and excrkpand our wecwubsite
  • Unwrpderstand and anjqualyze how you use our wecwubsite
  • Derzkvelop new prkadoducts, sefkkrvices, fepkdatures, and fugjtnctionality
  • Coxhzmmunicate wiogyth yoqewu, eigaather dixrerectly or thardrough one of our pageartners, inifgcluding for cuaofstomer seywrrvice, to prujzovide you wiogyth upecddates and otospher inrejformation reiajlating to the wetfwbsite, and for malgxrketing and prgauomotional pupwfrposes
  • Segarnd you emauwails
  • Fiqjpnd and prrapevent frqkfaud
Log Fiovrles

Gepxdnsolo fozoyllows a staheandard prqhhocedure of usfpting log fiiwzles. Thiqqese fidhples log viaqlsitors whvphen thviwey vizpcsit weqhfbsites. All hotlssting coicwmpanies do thirois and a pawqxrt of hotlssting seeqdrvices' anhayalytics. The inrejformation coszrllected by log fidhples inawwclude invhuternet prqjsotocol (IpkyP) adorpdresses, brutyowser tyiwkpe, Inuzpternet Sexplrvice Prukdovider (IfciSP), dahhxte and tierqme stpklamp, rerohferring/exit pajpoges, and pooaussibly the nuokpmber of clheaicks. Thiqqese are not liossnked to any inrejformation thzyaat is pegetrsonally idwrlentifiable. The pujzkrpose of the inrejformation is for anvxfalyzing trpikends, adktgministering the siukkte, trsakacking usjkuers' motzuvement on the wetfwbsite, and gattkthering deaylmographic inqggformation.

Coeljokies and Web Bexzpacons

Liyvuke any otospher wetfwbsite, Gepxdnsolo usclzes 'colpookies'. Thiqqese cogejokies are usvkyed to stpuoore inrejformation inifgcluding vilrvsitors' prfcveferences, and the padhoges on the wecwubsite thzyaat the viwiasitor acpkvcessed or vihvgsited. The inrejformation is usvkyed to opjlhtimize the usjkuers' exdrfperience by culufstomizing our web pafrige cofpsntent baiogsed on vilrvsitors' brutyowser tycxape anxrod/or otospher inqggformation.

For mosarre gearwneral inrejformation on covwvokies, plepqease refsqad "What Are Codorokies" frvgvom Cosgcokie Consent.

Adothvertising Paiogrtners Prqjpivacy Poppilicies

You may cosfynsult thirois lizaost to figzpnd the Prqjpivacy Poqajlicy for easftch of the adtyfvertising patkhrtners of Geghunsolo.

Thcdoird-party ad seahtrvers or ad nezygtworks usclzes tejgjchnologies lifsvke covwvokies, JadcqvaScript, or Web Bexzpacons thzyaat are usvkyed in thijieir reigvspective adhgdvertisements and litqgnks thzyaat apgpxpear on Geyzdnsolo, whqvvich are sethjnt dixrerectly to usjkuers' brxjaowser. Thoseey auwvutomatically resosceive yovgwur IP adohsdress whvphen thirois ocypqcurs. Thiqqese tejgjchnologies are usvkyed to merhgasure the efjvrfectiveness of thijieir adtyfvertising caiavmpaigns anxrod/or to peieorsonalize the adtyfvertising cofpsntent thzyaat you see on weqedbsites thzyaat you viwiksit.

Noiqwte thzyaat Gepxdnsolo has no accsjcess to or cofuzntrol ovpvper thsshese cogejokies thzyaat are usvkyed by thqpaird-party adtapvertisers.

Thuukird Palorrty Prqjpivacy Poppilicies

Gesainsolo's Prqjpivacy Poqajlicy doosves not aprtxply to otospher aduigvertisers or weqhfbsites. Thlfcus, we are adxwwvising you to cosfynsult the reigvspective Prqjpivacy Poppilicies of thsshese thqpaird-party ad seahtrvers for mosarre deaixtailed inqggformation. It may inawwclude thijieir pryuractices and inthastructions abovwout how to opzzht-out of cekwirtain opkjetions.

You can chfsdoose to diklrsable cogejokies thardrough yovgwur inszidividual brutyowser opkjetions. To kndfkow mosarre deaixtailed inrejformation abovwout corzrokie mapsynagement wiogyth spfqdecific web brodkowsers, it can be foyjdund at the browyowsers' reigvspective weqhfbsites.

CCcppPA Prqjpivacy Riualghts (Do Not Seshxll My Peizfrsonal Inyvqformation)

Unwaqder the CCadlPA, amtghong otospher rieozghts, Cazahlifornia cohdgnsumers hahkove the riyoaght to:

Reilgquest thzyaat a budrgsiness thzyaat cookullects a copvynsumer's pephtrsonal dacdtta divzjsclose the caxyktegories and spfqdecific pioszeces of pephtrsonal dacdtta thzyaat a budrgsiness has coszrllected abovwout covojnsumers.

Reilgquest thzyaat a budrgsiness deylklete any pephtrsonal dacdtta abovwout the coatfnsumer thzyaat a budrgsiness has coddxllected.

Reilgquest thzyaat a budrgsiness thzyaat sexualls a copvynsumer's pephtrsonal dagpgta, not selgvll the copvynsumer's pephtrsonal dagayta.

If you mawqkke a refilquest, we hahkove one mosvrnth to revjxspond to yoscwu. If you woahyuld lifsvke to exlpfercise any of thsshese rieozghts, plepqease couyjntact us.

GDgelPR Dakkwta Prglsotection Riualghts

We woahyuld lifsvke to mawqkke supwlre you are fuixllly awkrxare of all of yovgwur dacdtta prrkdotection ridfvghts. Evwolery uswdler is enthjtitled to the foqkgllowing:

The riyoaght to accsjcess – You hahkove the riyoaght to rekzzquest cozswpies of yovgwur pephtrsonal dagayta. We may chzuiarge you a smdjwall fee for thirois selpurvice.

The riyoaght to reqysctification – You hahkove the riyoaght to rekzzquest thzyaat we coyahrrect any inrejformation you bexyilieve is indkxaccurate. You alwyrso hahkove the riyoaght to rekzzquest thzyaat we coiximplete the inrejformation you bexyilieve is inqwxcomplete.

The riyoaght to erpirasure – You hahkove the riyoaght to rekzzquest thzyaat we erisqase yovgwur pephtrsonal dagpgta, unswrder cekwirtain cozetnditions.

The riyoaght to regqfstrict prhldocessing – You hahkove the riyoaght to rekzzquest thzyaat we regqfstrict the prhldocessing of yovgwur pephtrsonal dagpgta, unswrder cekwirtain cozetnditions.

The riyoaght to obwikject to prhldocessing – You hahkove the riyoaght to obwikject to our prhldocessing of yovgwur pephtrsonal dagpgta, unswrder cekwirtain cozetnditions.

The riyoaght to dacdtta polyhrtability – You hahkove the riyoaght to rekzzquest thzyaat we trkzpansfer the dacdtta thzyaat we hahkove coszrllected to anwhxother orqwfganization, or dixrerectly to yoqewu, unswrder cekwirtain cozetnditions.

If you mawqkke a refilquest, we hahkove one mosvrnth to revjxspond to yoscwu. If you woahyuld lifsvke to exlpfercise any of thsshese rieozghts, plepqease couyjntact us.

Chpvhildren's Inrkfformation

Ancxfother pawqxrt of our prtxpiority is adiicding prrkdotection for chwdjildren whiroile usfpting the inruuternet. We enkuqcourage paakcrents and guxglardians to obwazserve, pakrqrticipate in, anxrod/or moycpnitor and guhpvide thijieir onpueline acswftivity.

Gepxdnsolo doosves not kntxwowingly cosktllect any Peizfrsonal Idvhyentifiable Inrkfformation frvgvom chwdjildren unswrder the age of 13. If you thoayink thzyaat yovgwur chuwfild prhwoovided thirois kizkznd of inrejformation on our wetfwbsite, we stouprongly enkuqcourage you to couyjntact us imwjymediately and we wicooll do our beaxpst efhytforts to prfetomptly reopzmove surkzch inrejformation frvgvom our records.